An African freethinker sojourning the cyberspace

This is one of those days I am free to use my time to roam the internet with no deadline hanging on my head like some hangman’s noose. Time to use my time to explore the “other side” of the internet and enrich my relatively young brain with all sorts of information found on the cyberspace in a cross-sectional way covering moral to immoral topics, serious to “blueband youth” topics, to weird topics that can make someone have a negative and irreversible perception about me at first sight; sports, politics, philosophy, relationships, innovations, global developing stories, medicine, and those clich√© how to topics such as how to sire healthy and intelligent babies (I am yet to be a father so am justified), how to find the right partner (none of my fingers has the magic ring), how to become rich and successful (poverty is my motivation in everything I do), how to be a great leader (I envision myself in the shoes of a great leader whose name I shall withhold for prejudice purposes), and of course how to impact the society in a positive way (I believe in giving back to the society).
It is in the course of my sojourns on the cyberspace that I come across this picture that proves to be the basis for this post.

Toothpaste dispenser  Toothpaste Dispenser

It is a mere toothpaste dispenser. I am no marketing guru but I know for a fact that any right product should be the end of a lengthy process involving a thorough market analysis research. The market research aspect often justifies the design, availability, quantity, price, and choice of the product by the manufacturer. Well this is not a marketing class so let us not get over intimate with marketing. There are various dispensing machines and their main purpose pretty much like any other machine is making work easier.
Imagine how easy it can be having to carry a 20 litre jerrican, pour water into a jug, pout the priceless liquid into a cup, then drink it. It is this short and easy process that I bet the boring and complicated water dispenser came about. Dispensers can also be used by entrepreneurs to make their operations complicated, stressful , and loss making. Imagine the ease of using some imaginary mark on a cup to determine the price of tea. Someone somewhere considered this to be a tough process hence they invented the loss making and complicated tea dispenser where you have to key in the amount of cash you have and get the equivalent amount of tea. Such a hussle to get the staple Kenyan beverage, at least for the “hustlers.”
Well, let us get to the tooth paste dispenser. Back in the day I can remember my friends and I being loyal to the usage direction on most toothpaste packages reading “apply a PEA-SIZED amount” of toothpaste on your tooth brush for healthy teeth. This direction got programmed into our fingers such that any of us could bite our lower lips in frustration any time we used more than the PEA-SIZED amount indicated on the package. After all, this direction was provided by the manufacturers themselves, who are we to go against that? Looking back, I have no regrets about the lessons learn’t in the loyal application of the PEA-SIZED amount of toothpaste. I wonder if the manufacturers of this toothpaste dispenser programmed the usage direction into its dispensation mechanism.
That aside, the emergence of such a product is an indication of the direction our social and economic lives are taking. For a basic service that is used to impart basic economic principles to children as pat of their growth into responsible citizens to be replaced by a dispenser, there has to be an equivalent or more effective substitution in place. I would also like to see the market research that justified the making of this machine that is likely to make the lives of our children better and profitable.
In conclusion, there is an increasing trend where the quality of life is defined by a high number of hours spent sleeping, watching, building castles in the air, and imagining, imagining of dreams about success. As a future parent (future here is relative), I will ensure that my kids are taught the same lessons I learn’t as a young man learning the reality about the creation of value through scarcity.
Well, they said a picture is worth a million words? Guess they couldn’t be more right.
Time to go on with my online travels as I enjoy my freedom in the cyberspace. Meet you in my next post.